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Ova serija zajedno s kratkim uvodom u rad Wilhelma Reicha s orgonom, osnovama svete geometrije i otkrićima raspravljenim u prijevodu ''News on the Bosnian pyramids and pyramids around the world'' - na youtube kanalu, predlaže postojanje drevne civilizacije koja je poznavala nama donedavno nepoznate oblike energije (orgon, skalarni valovi) i tehnologije (rezonantnih frekvencija/harmonija). Opširniju elaboraciju teme i teze pročitajte na blogu u seriji postova pod naslovom ''U sjeni prošlosti''.

This is an episode of the show ''On the Edge of Science'' - a weekly show on the second channel of the Croatian national TV-network (HRT).
The host is the journalist Krešimir Mišak.
The theme of this show intersects with the findings layed out in the series I posted on youtube channel entitled ''News on the Bosnian pyramids and pyramids across the world'' and with the brief introduction in the work of Wilhelm Reich with Orgone energy.
The three series of videos construct a picture of our distant past suggesting the presence of an advanced global civilization powered by forms of energy (Orgone, Scalar Waves) and technology (resonant frequencies/harmonics) we have discovered only in the last century and a half. If you would like to support this youtube channel in new translations into English and spreading similar enlightening information to southeastern Europe - you can make a contribution at the PayPal link posted on blog (link below). Any donation will be greatly appreciated.